Welcome to Dermatec International ::: TRAINING FOR PERMANENT MAKEUP AND SKINCARE

The Founder of Dermatec International and Dermatec Academy is a Worldwide Recognized Instructor, Dermatologist and Reconstructive Surgeon.

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You are invited to enroll in a premiere Permanent Make-up Class being held at YOUR location Worldwide we bring the school to you by
DermaTec International, since 1979 the leading Academy for

"Permanent and Reconstructive Cosmetics"
"HFS(Hair Follicle Simulation)"

"Skin Care and Micro-Dermabrasian"
"LASER and IPLTraining"

DermaTec International; only employs well trained Medical professionals to teach these procedures, our trainers are board certified. Our Head Instructor is a World renown Dermatologist and Surgeon who has been teaching Worldwide with over 30 years teaching experience in Permanent Makeup, Laser, IPL, Skin Care training, Cosmetic Surgical Reconstruction

All of our Beginners Permanent Cosmetic Classes in the United States are full 100 hrs

Don't forget that you can call at any time to arrange a request for a class at your facility!

  • All Permanent Cosmetic Classes in the United States for the year 2020 are temporarily suspended due to Covid-19 :
  • San Antonio, TX April 29th - May 3rd
  • Los Angeles, CA May 6th - May 10th
  • Miami, FL May 13th - May 17th
  • All International Classes for 2020 are temporarily suspended due to Covid-19:
  • Wien, Österreich 20. Mai
  • Zürich, Schweiz 22. Mai
  • München, Deutschland 27. Mai
  • Warszawa, Polska 29. Maj

Please keep in mind that all International Classes are held strictly by request of a local facility and at the local facility! No translator is needed for most countries! If you would like a class at your facility please contact us to make arrangements.

Give us a call today to see what we can do for you.

Contact us with any questions you may have at:
(210) 558-1387 Operator 24/7

Our International Callers please dial

Or email us at dt@dermatecintl.com

Our Permanent Cosmetic Class will train you in very specialized techniques for the Application of Permanent Cosmetics.

Reserve your seat today! Seating is always limited!

  • Permanent Cosmetic Classes:
  • Basic or Beginners Class:
    3 week pre-study 6 days in classroom Tuition $3,999
    The class tuition includes:
    1. Study topics:
    2. 1. Origins
    3. 2. Know your Canvas, Anatomy
    4. 3. Bacteria
    5. 4. Hygiene, Sterilization
    6. 5. Color Theory
    7. 6. Introduction to Permanent and Reconstructive Cosmetics
    8. 7. Removal Options of Permanent Makeup and Tattoos
    9. 8. Class Room:
    10. 9. Hands-On: for Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lip Color
  • Advanced Class:
    2 days in classroom (advanced techniques) Tuition $1,500
  • Paramedical Camouflaging Class including MCA:
    2 day class Tuition $1,200
  • MCA (Multitrepannic Collagen Actuation) Skin Re-Modeling
    (The skin remodeling class is taught by a Dermatologist)
    1 day class (only for advanced technicians) Tuition $ 900
  • Color Theory Class:
    2 days Tuition $1,100
  • NEW: HFS (For beginners full basic class first mandatory)
    Hair Follicle Simulation (Scalp Micropigmentation)


In fact...what happens if your competitor comes and you don't?


Besides, remember that Tuition, Supplies, and Travel Expenses for Continued Education are Tax Deductible!
Tuition is always non-refundable and only valid for 12 months from the day it was submitted